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LOVE Penasco in February! Food, Fun, Hot Air Balloons, and more!

February is a perfect time to visit Rocky Point aka Puerto Penasco.   There are great activities to choose from, quiet clean beaches, and gorgeous weather.  

Did I mention great food?  Many local restaurants cater to  Valentine's Specials, from Lobster for only $25 at Latitude 31, Fantastic Italian food at Pane e Vino,  Mare Blu's terrific seafood, or a Tomahawk Steak at Las Palomas Citron Restaurant.     Prices are very modest, and you hardly ever find crowds in February.

Looking for more activity?   Check out the Chef's competition at the Taste of Penasco Culinary & Cultural Festival!  On Saturday, Feb 18 from 12 noon to 7 pm at the Penasco Del Sol Hotel, enjoy live music, wine & spirits, raffles, unique gifts and more!   They ask you to please bring a non perishable food donation benefitting 2 Fish Ministry.   The proceeds also benefit the Red Cross & The Santa Claus Club.

Still up in the air about which weekend to come in February?  How about Feb 24, 25,and 26 for the Rocky Point Balloon Festival.  Starting on Friday the 24th, there is Free Entry to the Balloon Assembly and flight exhibition.    Then on the 25th, Enjoy the Light Show, live music, picnic, children's area and car show!!   All for only $40 pesos.   This takes place west of town at Laguna Del Mar, a beautiful spot on the Sea of Cortez.   Should be amazing!

That same weekend, on Saturday, Feb 25, the Young Life  Second Annual Red Carpet Gala is being held at the Penasco Convention Center.   This dinner and dance is a fabulous way to benefit the Youth of Penasco.   Music by Agua de Coco and catering by Mare Blu.  

Be sure to leave extra time for walking the Beaches since the water is warming up and the views and friends are always pleasant!    The Sea of Cortez awaits and the dolphins are ready to greet you!


Jazz on the Water!

What sounds better than Jazz with Ocean Views?  The 5th Annual International Jazz festival is celebrated in Rocky Point, aka Puerto Penasco, Mexico on April 22 & 23.   Highlighting this years Extravaganza is Nayo Jones, along with Penasco's own Armando Noriega, one of the greatest saxophonists in Mexico!     Many artists will be taking the stage on Friday and Saturday evening, offering a great variety of jazz music, including Carlos Rivas & orchestra, Angel Valdez, Richard Scott and Soundset.    Don't forget to check out the many fine restaurants in Penasco, as well as the shopping and beach activities.   

Vacation Rentals

How about creating your own business while sitting on the Beach in Mexico?   Sounds great, right?   Many savy investors are finding the perfect way to enjoy their own vacation condo when they can, but also make money by renting out that condo to others.    The number of visitors to Mexico has skyrocketed, and condo owners are cashing in on the opportunity to share their own luxury beach condo.    Many are even covering their carrying costs with rentals.   Local rental companies can manage the headaches for you, or if you are  tech savy,  you can enhance the number of rentals with some marketing on your own too.   Living the dream on the beaches has never been easier.   Want more info about investing in Mexico?   Click on our links on this website for more ideas and assistance in living the dream!

Easter on the Beach!!

Come on down to Rocky Point to Celebrate Easter!   The weather is perfect, the beach is clean and welcoming, the food is fantastic, and friends are ready to celebrate.   Don't forget to join us on March 27, Easter Sunday for church services on the Beach with Rocky Point Family of God.   Easter Sunday Service will be held on the Beach in front of Puerta Privada at 8 am.    Please bring your beach chair and lets Praise the Lord together, overlooking the gorgeous Sea of Cortez.   What a Blessing to enjoy the beauty of Mexico with your friends and family!  

Market Conditions at Las Palomas Resort, Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco

According to the Puerto Penasco MLS, there were 47 condo sales at Las Palomas in 2015.   Prices have been increasing, helping the price per square foot increase 36% over 2014.  The Supply of condos for sale has decreased, down 46% from 2014.   This means that the time to buy a Beachfront condo is now!   Prices are rising and supply is diminishing.   The other great factor is that Tourism is up in Rocky Point, making your Sea of Cortez investment even better.   You can rent out your condo and make extra $$.    The Real Estate market is improving here in Rocky Point, but act now while you can still afford to buy your Dream Home in Mexico.


Realty Executives Rocky Point is proud to announce the MLS sales numbers for 2015.    Topping ALL companies, Realty Executives SOLD more listings and more $$ than any other company in Puerto Penasco.   In fact, Realty Executives topped all companies, leading the next competitor by 60%.   All of our Executives are members of AMPI and are Licensed Sonoran Agents.   We use the tools of the MLS to find your Dream Beachfront Condo or Home.   Want to get your property sold?   Be sure to list with Realty Executives, they are tops in selling their own listings for their customers, and have capitalized on the improving economy in the US.    Buyers receive top priority as the experienced Executives have the resources and knowledge to find the best property at the best price!   We will help you insure the legal steps to obtain your Bank Trust.   Stop by the New Office on Sandy Beach, just outside Costa Diamante at the intersection.   Realty Executives will be happy to give you a Free Market Analysis!! 

Rocky Point Activities

Bright blue skies and a warm ocean breeze.    Sound inviting?   November in Puerto Penasco is proving to be a gorgeous fall activity.   Perfect weather to hike or mountain bike around Pinacate, see a volcano, enjoy the wild flowers and rock formations.   Ready to unwind around a pool with a cool drink in your hand?  Penasco is filled with world class resorts that will entice families and couples.    Many resorts offer onsite restaurants, swim up bars, beach activities like paddle boarding or kayaking.  

Falling in love??   Let Realty Executives help you find a permanent vacation home so you can get away every weekend!   Condos in the mid $100,000s, much more affordable than other U.S. locations.    Need an investment?   Buy a condo and rent it out when you can't come to Mexico, make extra cash and let the rental company handle the details.    Give us a call for more information.


Here are some great ideas to help you beat the heat this summer!    Remember that Relaxation is the key, now is not the time to work outside.  Take your cue from the Sea Lions out at Bird Island, and lay around in the sunshine, basking in the warm rays, then jump into the Sea of Cortez to cool down.    Bring your floaties, flippers, snorkels, tubes, rafts, or simply body surf!   Anything will work, just bob out in the ocean and enjoy the views!   The pelicans will perform some fishing maneuvers while you watch.   It's amazing to see them dive for their fish dinner.   Getting hungry?   The wait staff at Las Palomas will deliver food and beverages to the beach Palapas.   Can't beat that.  

Feeling more active, how about swimming against the current in the lazy river at Las Palomas?   This is the coolest pool at the resort, and you will always feel the cool refreshing splashes as you move through the pool areas, under the bridges.   Tired, just float a while.   Need a drink?   Just tell the waiters, they will have your drink ready the next time you come around the loop near the bar!    Feeling ambitious?   You can bring a book along and read a few pages to keep the brain stimulated.    

Are your kids bored?   Bring them to the kids club for some faster paced activity.    They are experts at keeping them busy and happy.  You may even be able to sneak away for a quick nap.  

How about a sunset boat trip?  Enjoy the cool ocean breezes while watching the sun go down.    The most amazing sunsets happen over the Sea of Cortez, overlooking the Baja.   We recommend our friends at Delmar charters, they have a fabulous sailboat, the Tempo, that is relaxing and comfortable, great way to end the day.

 Having too much fun to limit yourself to just a weekend here and there?   We would be happy to help you find the perfect condo or beach home to own.   You can even rent it out when you can't be in Mexico, making some money to help with expenses, and saving that getaway for retirement.    Prices are still low, even some foreclosures still available.   Prices are moving up, so hurry! 

Don't forget to end your glorious week at one of the beautiful local churches.  The Family of God is located just east of Las Palomas near the loop going into town.   Pastor Tab always has an inspiring message to share, along with fabulous music and a perfect opportunity for you Glorify God and maybe even share some of your love and blessings with our local friends.  Hope to see you there!! 

A Look Back at Rocky Point



Located about 60 miles south of the Arizona boarder is Rocky Point, a sanctuary for several, and a beach paradise to most. Looking back, it hasn’t always been this way. Actually, only a few decades ago, it was a beach primarily filled with tents, camps and RVs. And if we go back further, civilization was non-existent and only traversed by ambitious fisherman in search of a mythical fish known as Totoaba which was thought to have magical healing powers.It Began as a Fishing Village


Lt. Robert William Hardy of the British Navy explored the coast of rocky point hoping to find pearls and precious metals. But although he found no metallic treasure, he discovered an ocean teaming with fish. Since then, fisherman flocked to Rocky Point. The Genesis of Modern Rocky Point It may surprise some to learn that Al Capone was one of the first entrepreneurs to visit the shores of Rocky Point. He constructed a casino and resort which he actually owned a penthouse at. It was fabled to flow with booze and broads during the prohibition years, and it was even lauded as the el dorado of speak easies. But tensions grew between Capone and the Mexican government and his Casino crumbled to the ground. Standing Tall Today. But Relations between the US and Mexico have evened out since then, and companies like Realty Executives have constructed beautiful resorts for tourists in the Southwest to flock to and enjoy the beach. If you like fun, sun, dancing, and beautiful beaches and people, then do yourself a favor and get down here

Fiesta in Rocky Point (part 2 of 2)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in Mexico, fiesta! There is more fun to be had here then you could possibly handle. What’s more, you can do it cheaply. So next time you think about heading to Vegas to give your cash away, perhaps think again. Perhaps think about Rocky Point. And if you’re wondering what to do, here are a few tips for excitement.

Tequila, Cervesa, and Margaritas

If you like your cocktails, and you’ve completed the song 99 bottles of beer on the wall in full, then Mexico is probably the right place for you. Come here with a few pesos in your pocket and be assured that you will have your fill my friend. Although our clubs are lauded for excitement and beautiful people (which will be mentioned below), a good place to start is the local resorts. Most of our properties, like Sonora Sun, Sonora Sea, Las Palmas, will have swim up bar where margaritas and coolattas will flow like a river. Also, any of the local grocery stores will sell Cervesa for a fraction of American beer prices.

Bars and Clubs

There can be no doubt that Rocky Point boasts some of the finest cantinas and clubs in the Southwest. If you’re looking for a bit of romance and some dancing with beautiful people, then Wrecked at the Reef comes highly recommended. A live band rocks out around the clock, as people have a chance to have fun and be sexy. JJ Cantina is also another beautiful destination for partying on vacation. It is a bit more family oriented so feel free to bring the kids for some good food, fab fun, and a few margaritas to dance the night away. 

Fiesta in Rocky Point (part 1 of 2)

When in Rocky Point, there is no shortage of activities to partake in. Whether you’re a beach person, an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of relaxation, a connoisseur of cuisines, or a wild party animal, Rocky Point has you covered.  Below are a few suggestions for enjoying the sweet sandy beaches of Rocky Point Mexico.

Hit the Beach

The beach is one of the most beautiful features of Rocky Point. In fact, the beach lead to the genesis of Rocky Point Mexico as the hotspot for vacation goers in the Southwest.  Before company’s like Realty Executives flocked to the beaches to build beautiful resorts, people would just camp out and enjoy the sand, the waves, and each other’s company. But now, everyone and their brother knows about Rocky Point, and as a result, people naturally flock to the sandy beaches to make a quick buck in the service industry. There are several opportunities to rent jet skis, paddle boards, ride sailboats, banana boats, parasail, or catch some fish. The possibilities are endless, and we encourage everyone to partake in breathtaking beach life.

Ride the Sand

Although there is no waves in Rocky Point, it is teaming with the crests of sandy hills that can be traversed on ATVs. All over the beach and the areas surrounding central Rocky Point will offer ATVs for rent. Also, if you looking to dive into the dunes, then consider taking the trip on horseback. There is also no shortage of equestrian joy available in Rocky Point.

Sit upon on the Lap of Luxury

Teeming all around the beautiful beaches of Puerto Penasco are luxury condos available for purchase or rent. Come enjoy the surf, waves, sun and fun with our family here at Realty Executives.

Rocky Point Survival Kit

Turning the car south and heading down to Mexico is a rite of passage in everyman’s life. The cool wind in your hair, the rapidly approaching scent of the beach, and the sounds of fiesta in the distance are the sirens call of the nymph that is Rocky Point. But like Odysseus having his men tie him to the mast head to survive the fatal calls of the sirens, there are some precautions one must take before heading down to Rocky Point. At Realty Executives, we are happy to be your oracle before embarking for the seas of Puerto Penasco.

Mexican Insurance

It's now required to purchase Mexican auto insurance to enter Mexico. As you approach closer and closer to the boarder, Mexican insurance dealers will be ubiquitous. Most policies last for 180 days, and will cover you on collusion and protect you against a wrongful death lawsuit. Either way, if you get pulled over by the Policia de Federales, it’s one more layer of protection.

Passport and Identification

This is key to a successful Mexico trip. Just like Odysseus who made it all the way home from Ithaca, only to fall asleep while his men released the winds of Aeolus, thus destroying the boat and setting the hero back ten years from returning home, so it is the same while being held up at the boarder after a successful Mexico trip. Nothing could be worse than having the time of your life, only to have your trip ruined inches away from the boarder. A passport and second form of photo ID is the surest protection against this unfortunate event.

Be Reasonable

This is the most important advice. Don’t act like a Barbosa or a carbon. Mexico is yours for the taking but acting like an imbecile will ruin your trip and it could be potentially dangerous. Use your head or don’t come down here.

Oyster Farm Tour

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If you’re seeking a respite from the party scene in Rocky Point, we suggest a trip to the Oyster Farms of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Oysters are brought in fresh from the bay, cleaned, and then prepared for visitors. You can hire a qualified tour guide to escort you around the Oyster Farm, and provide some interesting facts about bivalves. Moreover, the oyster farm has an excellent dining area equipped with a bar that serves cheap tequila. This of course will rope you back in to Rocky Point’s party scene which is not the worst the thing in the world.

Bivalves refers to the class in which oysters are subjugated. Bivalves are comprised of laterally compressed bodies enclosed by shells consisting of two hinged parts. The word comes from the Latin bis (two) and valvae (door). Under the genus bivalve are the species clams, oysters, cockles, muscles and scallops. These simple facts will all be included while touring the oyster farm. But more importantly, every tour includes access to fresh oysters. And, if you find a pearl you can keep it. Let us add that you can keep the shells of the oysters. Why? One might ask. Well, oysters can be used to make jewelry. It was said that Achilles’ mother gave him an oyster necklace before he pushed off to sack Troy and make history.

When consuming oysters, we recommend a splash of hot sauce, even though oysters could easily be consumed without a garnish or spice. For those oyster virgins out there, the tour includes a tutorial for preparing oysters, cleaning them, and eating them. Expect the visit to take up half a day. Booze is also available on the tour of Puerto Penasco’s Oyster Farm, which will no doubt bring out the best in the oysters, both in taste and the nourishment of the libido. 

Mountain Biking in Mexico

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In Rocky Point, there are no bike lanes. But there is however, an abundance of mountain biking trails that weave through the southern Rockies.  Mountain biking is an excellent activity to relieve stress and promote mental wellness, and Rocky Point, Mexico, is the place to do it.

The Batamote Mountain yields particularly satisfying biking trails. The wide open mountain range and hot Mexican sun are the perfect companions for exercise. The ten mile trail crosses the Sonoyta River in vibrant fashion as cyclist rapidly peddle their bikes over its dusty surface. One can embark on the adventure alone or hire a guide for safety. Expect to pay a 56 pesos (5 dollars) entry fee in order to enter the state park in which the trail is located.

When embarking on a mountain bike adventure in Mexico, it is important to keep safety in mind. First off, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages before hitting the trail. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons, and it leaves the rider prone to de-hydration. Secondly, make sure you wear the required protective gear. This includes helmets, gloves, and long pants. Although it is best to avoid a crash altogether, wearing the required safety gear provides a second layer of security in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs.

If you don’t have your own bike, or you’re hesitant about bringing one, then rest easy knowing that there’re a plethora of bikes available for rent. Rocky Point Cycle is a great option for mountain bike rentals. They have multiple rental plans that offer varying degrees of quality and rental duration. You can rent a bike for the entire span of your trip if you’d like.


Spring Activities in Rocky Point

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Finding things to do in Puerto Peñasco is far from difficult. But we understand if our more pedantic property owners need to plan ahead. There are several activities to fill your itinerary with.

Spring Whale Watching

Spring is whale season in rocky point. Many flock to catch a glimpse of the sea’s most majestic treasures. We suggest looking in to Del Mar Charters, Eco Fun, and Intrepid. Most of these services guarantee a leviathan sighting or your money back. These boats double as a sunset cruise. Booze is available for those hoping to create a romantic setting. There’s something about a porpoise spouting a steamy mist from its blow hole that creates a romantic ambience.

Those in pursuit of a smaller fish will not be disappointed by the abundance of fishing charters available to tourists and residences. Santiago’s Ocean Services is a viable option for chartering a fishing boat—they also offer parasail rides. Pancho Villa Boat Charters also is a helpful resource when chartering a fishing boat. 

Tide Pool Tours

The Center for the Study of Deserts and Ocean’s (CEDO) also offers special kayaking tours. CEDO is also renowned for its Dunes tours and tide pool tours, which they offer in April. If you’re traveling with children they will assuredly enjoy the miniature world of a tide pool.

A Cooking Class

When Rocky Point comes to mind, most people think of wild parties and never ending days on the beach. However, there’re a plethora of gentle activities one can partake in that are just as fun as JJ’s—well almost. For those tamer tourists, Chef Mickey Medina offers cooking classes year round. A cooking class is the perfect activity for couples looking to grow closer together and spice things up. 

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