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A Look Back at Rocky Point



Located about 60 miles south of the Arizona boarder is Rocky Point, a sanctuary for several, and a beach paradise to most. Looking back, it hasn’t always been this way. Actually, only a few decades ago, it was a beach primarily filled with tents, camps and RVs. And if we go back further, civilization was non-existent and only traversed by ambitious fisherman in search of a mythical fish known as Totoaba which was thought to have magical healing powers.It Began as a Fishing Village


Lt. Robert William Hardy of the British Navy explored the coast of rocky point hoping to find pearls and precious metals. But although he found no metallic treasure, he discovered an ocean teaming with fish. Since then, fisherman flocked to Rocky Point. The Genesis of Modern Rocky Point It may surprise some to learn that Al Capone was one of the first entrepreneurs to visit the shores of Rocky Point. He constructed a casino and resort which he actually owned a penthouse at. It was fabled to flow with booze and broads during the prohibition years, and it was even lauded as the el dorado of speak easies. But tensions grew between Capone and the Mexican government and his Casino crumbled to the ground. Standing Tall Today. But Relations between the US and Mexico have evened out since then, and companies like Realty Executives have constructed beautiful resorts for tourists in the Southwest to flock to and enjoy the beach. If you like fun, sun, dancing, and beautiful beaches and people, then do yourself a favor and get down here


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