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Fiesta in Rocky Point (part 1 of 2)

When in Rocky Point, there is no shortage of activities to partake in. Whether you’re a beach person, an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of relaxation, a connoisseur of cuisines, or a wild party animal, Rocky Point has you covered.  Below are a few suggestions for enjoying the sweet sandy beaches of Rocky Point Mexico.

Hit the Beach

The beach is one of the most beautiful features of Rocky Point. In fact, the beach lead to the genesis of Rocky Point Mexico as the hotspot for vacation goers in the Southwest.  Before company’s like Realty Executives flocked to the beaches to build beautiful resorts, people would just camp out and enjoy the sand, the waves, and each other’s company. But now, everyone and their brother knows about Rocky Point, and as a result, people naturally flock to the sandy beaches to make a quick buck in the service industry. There are several opportunities to rent jet skis, paddle boards, ride sailboats, banana boats, parasail, or catch some fish. The possibilities are endless, and we encourage everyone to partake in breathtaking beach life.

Ride the Sand

Although there is no waves in Rocky Point, it is teaming with the crests of sandy hills that can be traversed on ATVs. All over the beach and the areas surrounding central Rocky Point will offer ATVs for rent. Also, if you looking to dive into the dunes, then consider taking the trip on horseback. There is also no shortage of equestrian joy available in Rocky Point.

Sit upon on the Lap of Luxury

Teeming all around the beautiful beaches of Puerto Penasco are luxury condos available for purchase or rent. Come enjoy the surf, waves, sun and fun with our family here at Realty Executives.
Published Tuesday, June 23, 2015 3:44 PM by John & Kathy Witt, Owner/Broker Realty Executi


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