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Rocky Point Survival Kit

Turning the car south and heading down to Mexico is a rite of passage in everyman’s life. The cool wind in your hair, the rapidly approaching scent of the beach, and the sounds of fiesta in the distance are the sirens call of the nymph that is Rocky Point. But like Odysseus having his men tie him to the mast head to survive the fatal calls of the sirens, there are some precautions one must take before heading down to Rocky Point. At Realty Executives, we are happy to be your oracle before embarking for the seas of Puerto Penasco.

Mexican Insurance

It's now required to purchase Mexican auto insurance to enter Mexico. As you approach closer and closer to the boarder, Mexican insurance dealers will be ubiquitous. Most policies last for 180 days, and will cover you on collusion and protect you against a wrongful death lawsuit. Either way, if you get pulled over by the Policia de Federales, it’s one more layer of protection.

Passport and Identification

This is key to a successful Mexico trip. Just like Odysseus who made it all the way home from Ithaca, only to fall asleep while his men released the winds of Aeolus, thus destroying the boat and setting the hero back ten years from returning home, so it is the same while being held up at the boarder after a successful Mexico trip. Nothing could be worse than having the time of your life, only to have your trip ruined inches away from the boarder. A passport and second form of photo ID is the surest protection against this unfortunate event.

Be Reasonable

This is the most important advice. Don’t act like a Barbosa or a carbon. Mexico is yours for the taking but acting like an imbecile will ruin your trip and it could be potentially dangerous. Use your head or don’t come down here.

Published Tuesday, June 23, 2015 3:42 PM by John & Kathy Witt, Owner/Broker Realty Executi


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