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The popular HGTV television show, International House Hunters, visited our beautiful beach community, Puerto Penasco to film one of Realty Executives top agents, Dan Monroe as he sold a Phoenix couple their dream condo at Las Palomas Golf and Beach Community.   The TV show featured several condo projects, the Princesa, the Sonoran Spa and Las Palomas, as the couple searched for the perfect family getaway for their two active boys.   They were searching for a 3BR condo with beach views with amenities that would keep their growing boys busy.   Incidentally, the boys have a special affinity for the Mexican beaches and seem to blossom in the sunshine and peaceful ocean waves.   Dan does an exceptional job of finding the ideal condo that the family can turn into their dream getaway with a lovely huge patio, gorgeous ocean views, fully furnished and appointed, and still remain in their budget.   The family enjoys the infinity pools, water slide, hot tubs, and fabulous beach at Las Palomas and loves to come down to Penasco to enjoy the friendly people, the terrific food, and Sea of Cortez' gorgeous beaches! 

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